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Find and enjoy all the male sexual friendship you want, whenever you want!

Packed With Winning Secrets For Discovering Unlimited Like-Minded Men

  • want more sex?
  • need it discreet and safe?
  • want it now?
  • don’t know where or how?

This friendly and informative book answers all those difficult who, what, why, when and how questions about man-to-man sex. Millions of men live exciting and meaningful male-only sex lives whilst still being in heterosexual relationships – but there are dangers and consequences.

Everything is here for you to make your own informed decision as to whether that lifestyle is for you – or not!

  •   practical advice
  • real life stories
  • concise information
  • how to avoid life-changing mistakes

“If you want to enjoy male sexual encounters in a safe, sensual, knowledgeable and discreet way this is the guide for you. If only I’d had this information available when I was married I wouldn’t have made all the mistakes that I did!”

Peter Benn is that rare author who understands a husband’s frustration and loneliness of being in a sexless marriage, whilst at the same time, being tantalized by the erotic possibilities and freedom flaunted by the gay male lifestyle. His own journey is reflected in this book.

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