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Expect Nothing Less Than Wonderful!

Paperback ISBN: 9781507557167

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When life sucks it’s time to find out why and start to make positive changes. It’s time to begin doing what you want to do, and not what has been expected of you.

Instinctively you know that your life can be better than it is. Therefore it’s time to revisit the principles of a happy, abundant lifestyle and start applying them now in order to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

I’ve experienced 60+ years of life skills and wisdom – and these I’ve written down so that you can rediscover and choose the best of them for yourself. Whatever resonates with you is the universe telling you that there is truth here, and it is probably right to adapt it into your own life.

The book is a personal combining of practical life skills, a dash of religious belief, a pinch of science and my particular New Age philosophy. I had a wonderful childhood where my parents, teachers and other mentors imparted practical wisdoms to me, and in adulthood I added the spiritual.

So I invite you to:

* Attract abundance  * Acquire better health  * Discover your unique talents
* Embrace spiritual happiness  * Add calmness  * Bring love back in to your life  * Live in harmony and joy  * Change 3D ‘them’ to 4D ‘me’  * Connect with all creation  * Care for Mother Earth

In this world of turmoil and fear, it is time to live your day, your way, every day by rediscovering happiness, calmness, abundance and spiritual joy.