Tales from the Fur Side_cover pages_50mms

Purrfectly Adorable Cat Stories

ISBN: 9781490336961

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Get comfortable, put your cat on your lap and read a dozen stories from extraordinary and affectionate raconteur cats as they share amazing and life-affirming stories about their travels, observations, their dreams and their double-life.

Mischief. Mayhem. History. Heroism. Revenge and Reflection – this is life as lived on the fur side, beyond the prying eyes of humans – where wisdom, adventure and love mix abundantly with mystery, murder and exotic locations. Visit Ancient Egypt, foil a cinema robbery, stop a murder, rescue a fairy princess, be a friend to the elderly, hear of a wartime hero cat, fight a cobra and cause chaos on the computer.

Filled with humor, perceptive observation and spiritual insights, these delicious and adorable insider stories will delight your senses, lift your spirit and tickle your fancy. A treat for everyone who shares their life with a cat.

“These soul-enriching adventures about our furry angels are inspired storytelling.
I now love my cat even more than I did before my read!”